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Triple the Birthdays, Triple the Fun!

When Cammy reached out to schedule her birthday session, I was thrilled to learn that it would also include her two sisters. This would be my first triplet session! (Fun fact: I've only known one other set of triplets, and their birthday is the day after this trio!).

When we discussed locations, we decided the latest Carrie Martinez mural fit the theme the best. Featuring dogs wearing sunglasses, this artwork pays homage to the love of animals the three sisters share. (If you're looking for the mural, it can be viewed on the left-hand side of Main Street when heading north, right before you hit 8th Avenue). We scoped it out, and sure enough, a black fence was installed just weeks before we intended to meet up! I insisted that this fence addition wouldn't deter from the awesomeness of the location, and I'm so glad the girls trusted me.

I love that the Rodgers sisters came equipped with coordinating t-shirts, earrings, and Converse sneakers. We played with balloons, decorated numbers, and cookies! There was even some bottle-popping action at the end.

Aside from their creativity, what I love about this trio just happened to be qualities they all share: intelligence, humor, drive, & charm. They are each so charismatic, and put forth 100% effort into anything they do ! I've enjoyed all of the time I've been able to spend with each of them, and their entire family has always been so welcoming.

These three should be super familiar by now; I photographed Sonja's wedding in 2017, I captured India's engagement session last fall, and Cammy's FSU graduation session last summer! I am forever grateful this family trusts me with such important memories in their life.

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