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Toni & Paige: Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

When Toni entered my Valentine's Day mini-session giveaway contest, she got right to work campaigning for votes. And boy, did her people turn out for her! She won the mini-session, and told me right away she knew she wanted to incorporate the outdoors, nature, & flowers.

Fast-forward to June, and we finally were able to meet up at the picturesque Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, just a mile or two west of I-75 in Gainesville. She explained that her now fiance' loves flowers as well, so it was the perfect spot for their mini-session! They knew they wanted to visit the bamboo, but other than that, they were wide open to suggestions.

I loved learning their "meeting" story! With so many of my couples meeting online (totally understandable!), it was neat to hear an old-fashioned love story that included both instant attraction & a little pursuit. :) It's clear these two are crazy about each other, and I think their love is easily shown in their gallery!

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