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Greetings, & welcome to my little corner of the internet!

You've probably stumbled upon my website via a referral, web search, or some other serendipitous connection. If you are looking for a photographer to update your family portraits or capture your wedding day, you'll receive that & more with me: joyful attitude, professionalism, high-energy, the ability to connect with your bridal party, family, & guests, & a smiling face.








Southern Pines Wedding | Gainesville Wedding Photographer | CWP Photography

Who is CWP?

1. After years of purchasing coffee out, I now prefer to make it at home ⁣
2. Photography isn’t my full-time gig. Monday through Friday, you’ll find me on University of Florida’s campus, where I’ve worked since 2008! ⁣
3. I never leave the house without ice water. I’ve been toting around the same Yeti tumbler my husband gifted me in 2016 ⁣
4. The mother-son dance gets me at every wedding. The days are long but the years are short, & I envision that being me one day ⁣
5. I totally have to bribe my kids with sugar/trinkets to cooperate for photos  ⁣
6. My guilty pleasure: Lifetime movie channel ⁣
7. My latest passion is drone photography. There’s just something so fun & interesting about seeing everyday objects from an aerial view! ⁣
8. I’ve become proficient at grilling the last two years, and it’s now our main method of cooking ⁣
9. As a retired extrovert, this introvert CRAVES her quiet time 

Aside from photographing the most amazing weddings & families in the Gainesville, FL area, there are a lot of things that fill me with joy. I am a wife to a patient, skilled, & light-hearted man, & mother to a quirky 5-year old boy & a sassy 3-year old girl. We have an aging German Shepherd, who is unsurprisingly the best guard dog. We love to spend our days outside, building stuff, staying active, in water, and with family. Hailing from both Miami & southern California, I've been fortunate to see some of the country's most beautiful landscapes!

Let's connect to chat about your wedding day (big or small!), or your session needs. I'm always down for Piesano's, coffee, or a phone call!

Thanks! Message sent.

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