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Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Thomas Center Wedding | Gainesville Wedding Photographer | CWP Photography

So you've poked around on my site a bit, maybe checked out my most recent work on Facebook or Instagram, & you're now seriously weighing your options. But, you have questions. Lots of them. As you should! Your wedding photography is a huge investment, and you should feel 100% solid about your choice. (After all, your wedding photographer is the person you will literally interact with the most on your big day!) Below are some of the most common questions I receive from couples in our initial conversations:

  • Do we receive all of the images you take?
    Sort of. You will receive all of the good, edited, no-eyes-closed, non-blurred ones. I do not have a maximum number that I deliver, nor do I have a minimum. The number of images delivered varies from event to event, based upon a number of factors: length of coverage, size of bridal party, scheduled reception activities. Your gallery is delivered in an online platform in which you have the ability to share, download, or order high-quality print products from.
  • Can we order a wedding album or canvas?
    Absolutely! What good are a bunch of digital images stored on your computer, anyway? Yes, I know you probably want to create a Facebook album and tag your family & friends (great idea!), but you also need a tangible object. Something to hold & flip through. Something to grace your coffee table, or the walls in your home. Something to pass on to your children! Once your gallery is delivered, we can work together to determine which print products work the best for your use, & your budget.
  • Do you bring a second-shooter?
    If that interests you, sure! Since I'd bring along an experienced, talented photographer, I would need to compensate them appropriately. If having the security of two photographers covering your event is important to you, we can chat about the additional cost included.
  • Do you encourage a first-look?
    100% YES. Look, I know it breaks tradition for a bride & groom to see each other before walking down the aisle, but hear me out. A first look allows a couple to have relaxed, ample, & non-rushed time with each other before the ceremony. It also allows EXTRA time for bride & groom portraits, since there is typically only a small window of time between being announced as husband & wife, & kicking off your reception with your entrance! If your bridal portraits are accomplished before the ceremony, then that just leaves your formal family portraits to be captured, and we can all move on to the celebratory portion of the evening much sooner.
  • Do you need a list of names for our family formal portraits?
    Yes. In fact,this is one of those items I will request from you in advance to ensure your big day runs smoothly. I'm happy to share a common list of family groupings, so let me know if you'd like that. I do advise listing actual names, versus "mom" & "dad", since it's often difficult to pinpoint who may be a mom or dad. :)
  • Can we recreate images found on Pinterest?
    I love Pinterest- it has a special place in my heart! (Afterall, it's where I find the best recipes...). While it is a great tool to garner inspiration from & get a "feel" for the types of images you're attracted to, you will not find me scrolling my Pinterest app on your wedding day looking for poses or images to replicate. No two love stories are the same, therefore I strongly believe your wedding images shouldn't be the same either. Our goal for the day is to create & capture new, authentic, and genuine moments between the two of you!
  • Will you provide posing instruction?
    Confession: out of the dozens of couples I've photographed, 98% were NOT models in a past life. Meaning, the vast majority admitted they didn't know how to pose, where to put their hands, how to stand, or where to look. Our portrait time together will be split between posed & candid images, and even throughout the "candid" shots, I will provide you with some direction. I'd love to tell you that the smiling couples in my photographs were all super laid-back, experienced, & giggly clients, but that wouldn't be truthful. Most clients admit at the start of their session that they are nervous & feel downright uncomfortable about being affectionate in front of the camera. It's my job to alleviate those awkward feelings, & I'll publicly toot my own horn by sharing that most of my couples tell me as we're wrapping up that they actually ENJOYED themselves. (Highest compliment possible, obviously!)
  • Can you share vendor recommendations?
    You betcha. I have worked with dozens of vendors based in Gainesville and throughout north-central Florida and would love to sing their praises. Let me know if you're still on the hunt for a florist, DJ, caterer, videographer, pianist, baker, or planner!
  • What are some of your favorite locations to photograph?
    There are so many great spots for photography in Gainesville and beyond! Some of my favorites include: the Baughman Center at Lake Alice on the University of Florida campus, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, C Bar Ranch, Southern Pines venue, Clark Plantation, Belle Oaks Ranch, Thomas Center in downtown Gainesville, Loblolly Woods, & Tioga Town Center.
  • How long does it take to receive our images?
    Due to the utmost level of attention & detail for each image, it can often take 8-12 weeks to fully edit & deliver an entire wedding gallery. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy your sneak-peeks on Facebook & Instagram. :)
  • Are you licensed & insured?
    CWP Photography is a legal, licensed business within the state of Florida. I also have liability insurance, which some venues require. Just ask me for the certificate if you need it for your big day!
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