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Sarah is 30: cake smash at Cellon Oak Park

When Sarah contacted me over the summer about a 30th birthday cake smash session, I was over the moon. I told her I was more than up for the occasion, as I only had one (here!) under my belt and I've been dying to do another!

We opted for Cellon Oak Park just north of Gainesville, FL, for its huge sprawling oak tree and sparkling golden light. (Fun fact: the park is home to the largest live oak tree in the state!) The location was perfect, because the park was close to empty, the sun was shining through the moss, and it wasn't even too humid. I had a BLAST with Sarah, and was thoroughly impressed by the props she came equipped with. She brought a cake, her favorite books, wore the most awesome dress, and even brought her favorite adult beverages! (The bottles you see her chugging out of were filled with water though-in case inquiring minds were curious...). The week of her session, she asked me if it was okay if her dogs were included in some shots. For the record, it is ALWAYS okay if you want to bring your furbabies- bring it on! I mean, just check this out...

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