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Reasoner Family: Lifestyle Newborn Session

I guess the term "newborn" in this blog title is ironic, considering I actually visited the Reasoner household when baby Tristan was 3 months old. I visited Tristan and his family in the hospital when he was just a day old, just days before visitors were no longer able to frequent the hospital due to COVID-19. This timing wasn't too far from our original plan, as we waited about 3 months for big sister Reghan's Lifestyle session back in 2018 as well! There's just something about a bright-eyed, super alert 3-month old that makes for great portraits!

Hanging with this family is...comfortable. I can chat it up with Anna about motherhood & kids and it feels like no time has passed. And Reghan? Let's just say she began using random household objects as a "camera", imitating me photographing her family! It was quite comical, and I swear demonstrates just one more reason why these sessions are so fun for young kids; they are in their own element. 90% of the time, they are so wrapped up in showing off their toys they hardly notice we're taking photos. And, it helps that their snacks are nearby, haha.

I love Tristan's nursery theme; old world maps, airplanes, and lots of navy! (Check out that gorgeous dresser!) His grandmother had another handmade quilt ready for him, and she sewed his crib sheets as well.

I'm thrilled we were able to accomplish this session, because their Fresh 48 at the hospital marked the beginning of the quarantine era, while this session three months later marks the someone resume to normalcy. Reasoner family, it's always a pleasure!

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