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Louis & Jordan: Engaged!

I was *extra* excited to receive a wedding inquiry from Jordan in my inbox earlier this year. I've known Jordan since she was an MBA student on campus, so it's super cool to not only still be in touch in her post-MBA world, but to be involved in one of the most memorable days of her life!

When I met her and Louis at Starbucks to chat about their fall wedding at C Bar Ranch, it ended up being one of those "easy" meetings; one that feels effortless, kind of like you're just sharing coffee & conversation with an old friend! I loved hearing their courtship story & the plans they have for their wedding, & I especially loved how laid-back & relaxed they were with one another. The mutual love & respect is such a common theme in their relationship, which is obvious in just a short amount of time!

I love that they chose downtown Gainesville for their engagement session location. We moseyed around and checked out murals, the Hippodrome, & ended at the top level of a parking garage! They included their passions for his firefighter profession, and her lifelong love for ballet. They were seriously naturals in front of the camera, and I'm even more excited for their wedding day!

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