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David & Meagan: Charming Backyard Wedding

When Meagan contacted me over the summer about her December wedding, I was immediately excited. There's just something about a backyard wedding! She explained they would be tying the knot at their own home, with their closest family in tow. We met in October for their engagement session, where I learned they met in class!

It's always so much fun meeting the rest of a couple's family, and this was no different. I loved that they got ready at Meagan's grandparents home in Chiefland, just a few blocks away from her own home. I learned the story of how they relocated down to Florida from New York decades ago, and how much they have enjoyed living on so much land. Meagan's grandfather asked me if I wanted a goat (they had several!), and I was sad to turn him down.

Meagan chose to do a first look with her father, which is always a great idea. I was thrilled when David & Meagan opted for a first look together, and we used her grandparent's front yard which was marked with plenty of beautiful spots! What really made their day special was all the sweat, love, & energy that went into it from family. Her dad cooked. Her aunt baked all the cupcakes. Several family members jumped to help her grandfather lay down the wedding aisle decor. These two are fiercely loved and it was such an honor to be there to capture their memories!

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