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Ana Carolina: ringing in 30!

I met Ana in the fall of 2012, when I started grad school at the University of Florida. A couple of years later, she gave me the opportunity to capture her graduation portraits from her first master's degree in December 2014, then her second in Spring 2015. I was expecting with Jack at that time, as he was due in May, so I remember wobbling around inside of the stadium capturing some fun portraits of her. This girl has trusted me from the beginning- back when this was still a hobby! (To check out one of those photos from nearly 6 years ago, scroll allllll the way down!)

After her graduation in 2015, she went on to pursue full-time employment at some big name Universities around the country. As so many do, she made her way back to Titletown in Spring of last year as she was considering pursuing the MBA at UF. It was so good to see her, and I was even more excited that she chose Florida to conquer her MBA goal!

Almost a year ago I shared images from another 30th birthday session I did, and Ana commented that we needed to plan hers since she would be in Gainesville for her big milestone birthday. I was all about it! We opted for the Thomas Center downtown, as it offers the perfect backdrop for the look we were hoping to achieve. Super cool tidbit: both her mother & sister also wore red dresses for their own 30th birthday celebrations!

While she has grown personally & professionally over the 8 years I've known her, a few attributes have remained the same: she is a go-getter, an advocate, graceful, & wicked smart. I love following her adventures on social media, and I can't wait to see what else she accomplishes in her life!

From her 2015 graduation session:

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