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VanAusdale Family: (two!) Milestone Sessions

You likely recognize this gorgeous girl by now, as I have been sharing her on my feed for just about a year now! Last October, I was tagged in a couple posts in a local word-of-mouth Facebook group where a new mama was seeking a Lifestyle Photographer to travel to their home. They had just adopted their baby girl, and wanted to document the special occasion with some photos. The adoption was so "sudden", they didn't even have time to set up a proper nursery! Here is baby girl Arya when she was pretty new to the world:

VanAusdale in-home lifestyle session in 2018

Less than two months later, Stevie & Jared would learn they were expecting their second child! Yep- you heard right: the miracle they had dreamed of happened twice within a span of several weeks. I had the honor of visiting them again for their maternity portraits . As you can see, Arya was a tad bigger. :)

June 2019: big sister Arya awaits her little sister's arrival!

Once Maya made her arrival in July, I visited for her newborn session:

Stevie & Jared wanted to meet up for Arya's first birthday cake smash, as well as to capture some portraits of 3-month old Maya! We met at the Plaza of the Americas, on the University of Florida campus. Loved the whale theme, and watching Arya play with the cake her mother made her by hand!

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