Up, Up, & Away: Joshua & Janelle's Engagement Session- Gainesville Wedding Photographer

When I met Josh & Janelle for their bridal consultation earlier this year, they already had something special up their sleeve for their engagement session. Avid Disney lovers, their 2019 wedding will incorporate small touches of Disney's "Up" throughout their decor, so I'm sure you can figure out where this is headed...

Janelle shared the story of their proposal, and how Josh intended to pop the question in a hot air balloon over Orlando. Unfortunately due to a weather-related cancellation, that balloon ride never happened. Josh made up for it by taking Janelle to Disney Springs later that day where there happens to be a hot air balloon ride and popped the question there!

They asked me if I would meet them in Orlando to capture their engagement session, and I was beyond excited. Since the balloon rides are so dependent upon wind & weather forecasts, we weren't sure it was going to happen until 12 hours before liftoff! When we got the call Friday evening that it was a "go", I set my alarm for 3am and was psyched.

We met the balloon pilot- Captain Kurt & his team- at a McDonalds parking lot at 5:45am. The first thing they did upon arrival was release a small, dummy balloon, to test the wind speed & direction. Once they determined the travel course, they pinpointed a starting point. We headed to a giant field, right before dawn. Once there, things moved quickly! Baskets were unloaded, balloons (AKA the "Envelope") unraveled, and burners were tested. We snuck some shots in while they were prepping the balloon, and were so patient while we did this!

Guys, I CAN'T WAIT to capture your big day next May at the Baughman Center in Gainesville! I have a feeling Sarah Dohrn Events has some good stuff up her planning sleeve...

When Josh popped the question, he gave Janelle this book with the ring inside! ::sigh::

Soon, it was go-time. They offered me a ride in the balloon, but I figured angles would be better from afar, so I (sadly) stay put on the ground. But guys... check out these images!

I followed the "chase-car", which meant I followed the hot air balloon in my vehicle! (Yes, I snapped this photo while at a red light.)

Once they safely landed, we were able to take a few more before the "envelope" was put away.

Captain Kurt then gave us a brief lesson behind the champagne traditions- most notably the one about balloon pilots offering the landowner whose property they landed on a ceremonial bottle!

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