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The Newest Pardo: In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Remember the sweet maternity session I shared back in February? The one that featured Joshua, Jessica, & Jasper? They were patiently awaiting their baby boy, and he finally made his arrival on February 28th. I was thrilled when they invited me to their home for an in-home lifestyle session, because these are high on my list of favorite things to capture!

Just 10 days after Garrison made his debut, I made the drive to their home one Sunday morning. Big brother Jasper was still sleeping, which I was slightly envious of (the latest my kids sleep in is 7:30!). We gave him time to wake up on his own while we snapped some of the rest of the crew. After some Paw Patrol, he was ready to roll.

The thing that that struck me the most that morning was the positive energy I felt in their home. Jessica & Joshua have such a solid respect for one another, and it shows in every interaction they had. They were patient, loving, & helpful toward one another, which are behaviors that are easy to fall by the wayside with a 10-day old & a 4-year old!

Side note: remember how I mentioned after their maternity session that Joshua was the one who sneakily went shopping for Jessica’s gorgeous lace dress? Well his good taste strikes again; he spotted that little white cradle at an antique shop while they were vacationing in Georgia and insisted on purchasing it. Love when so much thought & meaning goes into a family!

It‘s easy to see how much love is in this home, and I’m so excited for their new normal as a family of four. Joshua & Jessica, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture your bundle of joy!

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