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Scott & Krystina: Married at C-Bar Ranch

From the moment I spoke to Krystina on the phone in 2019, I knew this wedding was one I'd love photographing. She explained she was looking for a photographer to capture the candid expressions, behind-the-scenes shots, & photographic memories her and Scott likely wouldn't have the opportunity to witness on their big day. I loved that their bridal parties would be comprised of family and best friends, and that they placed so much emphasis on their relationships with them.

With Krystina's love for horses, it only seemed fitting that she was able to get some bridal portraits with Ray & Nanette's horses on site at C Bar Ranch. This was such a neat experience for everyone! The day couldn't have provided more gorgeous light, as the entire ranch was bathed in golden hues for their ceremony and portraits. They exchanged vows under the giant oaks, then celebrated inside the barn with each other.

Their wedding was full of personalized, intentional touches for their guests, and on a day that was meant to celebrate their love, Scott and Krystina somehow turned it into an opportunity to celebrate their relationships with their guests. Whether they were a friend or family, each guest received a personalized note from the couple at their table. When it came time for their special dances, they created & displayed a slideshow, honoring Scott's father during his mother/son dance. These are just a couple of the special, thoughtful ways they honored their guests. Marriages are successful with the love and support surrounding a couple, and this was one of those weddings that simply inspires love.