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Samantha & Joe: Married!

Sam & Joe tied the knot back in December, in the pouring, pouring rain. Ok, there was more to it than that. Their wedding was actually one of my faves- it was filled with super loving friends, a tear-inducing vow exchange, and the BEST dance party I've ever seen. But, it literally rained all day. Nearly from start to finish. As in, their first-look included umbrellas! (Hoping to eventually share a blog post on the fun!).

Needless to say, we had to meet up again for some proper portraits. While they opted for less formal (AKA no bridal gown, and no rented suit) wear, they showed up looking DAPPER! We met at their wedding site, which was the Haile Village Center in Haile Plantation, on the west side of Gainesville.

It was kind of a blessing in disguise, having to meet up again for bridal portraits; an ordinary wedding day would NOT allow 45-60 continuous minutes for portrait time. Spoiler alert: we even had time for cupcakes from Patticakes!

These two are just so in love; it's the type of love that inspires you.

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