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Ryan: University of Florida MBA Graduate

This was our third attempt at this session. We had originally planned to meet on graduation day back in mid-April, but the weather and illness motivated us to switch to a summer date. When that date rolled around a few months ago, we were set to meet at the stadium but when Karla & Ryan arrived to town from their hometown of Tampa, we learned that thunderstorms were upon us! We felt like this session would never happen. We agreed that aiming for a fall evening was our best bet.

Our October evening didn't disappoint. Sure, it was warm, but way less humid than April or June! We hit all of the usual stadium hot spots, then made our way east to the corner of University Ave & 13th St. (Fun fact: we even got pictures of the two of them in their season ticket holder seats- which Karla's parents have had for the last 50+ years!).

Ryan & Karla's session was not just any other "grad session"; it felt more like we were celebrating together. I first "met" Ryan in the spring of 2017, when we received his Executive MBA Program application. We corresponded over the next few months throughout the application process until he received his admission into the program for that summer! Ryan often brought Karla to MBA events, so she was a spouse we all got to know well.

I was super stoked when Ryan contacted me last fall to arrange a grad session, and I'm glad that the third time was a charm!

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