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Parler Family: Expecting #3!

When Megan shared her pregnancy news for baby number three, I was so excited for her, Denver, and big siblings Sawyer & Millie. I met Megan at the North Florida Regional Medical Center's new moms luncheons nearly four years ago when our sons were just a few weeks old and formed a bond you'd expect two new moms to form who were experiencing all of the new mom issues: breastfeeding, growth charts, sleep training, milestones, etc. It has been so much fun to travel on this parenting journey with her!

Summer 2015: Megan & I are second & third from the right!

When she first shared her pregnancy announcement idea, I was STOKED! (I wasn't sure how we would beat baby #2's theme, complete with ice cream cones at the park...see throwback image below!) I was in for a real treat when she shared their basketball-themed vision, an homage to both of their occupations!

I'm so glad we were able to do this, and I will forever treasure photographing the Parler fam on the Gator Basketball practice court!

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