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McNeill Family: Backyard Session

This family is always a joy to be around. Sean is one of the kindest & most laid-back guys you'll ever meet. Page is one of the friendliest, & her smile could light up any room. One of those women who makes you feel uplifted after even the briefest interaction. Carter is a true gentleman; he never fails to greet you or offer his help when he notices it's needed. And Major? Major will keep you on your toes! He is so loving, adventurous, & has the best imagination.

I was thrilled when Page asked me to take their family photos this year, as we skipped 2018 due to her knee surgery. 2019 may have proven to throw even more curve-balls, but we refused to let that stop us. We opted to do their session in the alleyway behind their home, which is actually a pretty sweet spot! (I'd totally set up sessions back there if it weren't trespassing... haha). The light was perfect, the mosquitoes were nonexistent, and we even squeezed in some husband & wife shots at the end.

McNeills, thank you for trusting me year after year!

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