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Layna is three!

I met up with the Kean family a couple of weeks ago for Layna's third birthday milestone session. While her birthday isn't until later this spring, her mom is a planner (which I can appreciate!). Fun fact: we captured her second birthday session in the same spot at Haile Village Center, so it was kind of cool to return a year later!

Another fun fact? last year- once we were done taking pictures- Layna fell into the water fountain. Like legit, fell into the fountain head first. She was a pretty good sport about it, which was impressive. I assumed this year would be good to us, and overall it was, but our time together wouldn't be complete without a story. This year? The "3" balloon sailed away into the air just minutes after we started the session! It literally just came untied and flew away. The good news? We managed to capture a few decent shots with Layna and her balloon first.

Kean family, thanks for trusting me two years in a row! I enjoyed our time smelling and admiring flowers, stomping around in the dirt, and playing on the playground.

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