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Johnson Family: November 2019

I've spent more time watching Lindsey throw punches and kicks than I have seen her do anything else. I was originally connected to her back in 2010 when I joined our local gym and took up Body Combat classes where she has been a fitness instructor, and I totally fell in love with her class! Imagine my surprise when we were both expecting our first kid back in 2015 and ended up in the same birth class at our local hospital.

Our eldest kids are about 4 weeks apart, and I photographed Casey's first birthday session, so it was super fitting to capture Noel's as well. Noel takes after big sister Casey: jovial, friendly, and so easy-going! (Once you meet their parents, it's truly no wonder though...) The girls brought their best moods to the session, and I love that Lindsey & Carter are always down for anything. Thanks for the opportunity to capture your family memories yet again!

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