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Introducing: Atlas Joseph Pardo

Remember Kristyn & Joseph's maternity session at Lake Alice back in July? (peep it here). Well, they welcomed baby Atlas last month and I finally got to meet him! First off, I'm not sure a more perfect name existed for this child. Kristyn & Joseph are avid travelers, visiting Africa alone a few times over the last few years. (I've enjoyed watching their travels on social media the last few years, and most recently their babymoon to Hawaii!) Joseph is super into nature & astrophotography, so it was really neat to see his printed work in their new home as well.

As cool as his name is, his nursery may be even cooler. Adorned with safari stuffed animals and the cutest map of the world above his crib, this kid will forever be entertained. They chose the perfect color blue as well, which looks amazing against the morning light streaming into his room.

Guys, it was great to meet the newest "cub" AND check out the new pad. What an exciting year for this family!

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