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India & Sean: Engagement session

I was excited to finally meet up with these two for their engagement session! They are due to be wed next May, and I'm already looking forward to their big day. They wanted to include their pup Banner, so we opted for Loblolly Woods Nature Park right in the center of Gainesville.

If India looks familiar, it's because she's a triplet! I photographed her sister's wedding in 2017:

JJ & Sonya's wedding at Southern Pines Venue

And, their sister Cammy's recent graduation session:

Cammy's FSU Graduation

Love that I am able to capture some cool milestones for this awesome family, and India & Sean's wedding is sure to also be a highlight. I loved hearing about their current wedding planning, their love story, & their plans for the future!

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Tyson H
Tyson H
May 29, 2022

Thanks for sharing.


Love how this Gainesville couple had their pup join them for their engagement session!! You did an awesome job as their photographer !!

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