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Gaby's Quinceanera

I've known Gaby since she was THREE years old, so it's amazing to see the classy, caring, beautiful, & kind woman she has grown into. This is no surprise if you've met any of her family- they have felt like an extended part of my family for the last decade!

For those unfamiliar with a quinceanera- or "quince" or "fifteens" for short- it is a celebration marking the transition from childhood to young womanhood in Spanish & Latin cultures.

I originally met Gaby's aunts while working at UF's RepDials program on campus back in 2005 and was fortunate enough to infiltrate the clan (lol). I have had the honor of attending baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, & family BBQ's over the years, and I have always been treated like family! Needless to say, I was honored when Gaby's mother asked if I was available for Gaby's big day (over a year ago- this is also a family full of "planners"!)

We started out the evening for her Holy Thanksgiving Mass at Basilica of St. Paul Catholic Church in Daytona Beach, then headed to the Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor for the reception. When we walked into that ballroom, the sight nearly blew you away. Millie & Gaby left no detail unplanned- from the sparkling cake, to the gorgeous centerpieces, the homemade cookies, florals, homemade FOOD- their entire of year of planning came to fruition. Gaby's high school friends attended in droves, and the entire room was full of people who had so much love for Gaby.

Millie & Gaby, it was so much fun being there to not only capture your quince memories, but to also be a part of yet another Velazquez family celebration!