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Fancy's Birthday Session

Yes- that is her name (the dog, that is!). When Cammy reached out to me about potentially doing a portrait session for her dog's 8th birthday, I was thrilled! I love love love when folks include their fur babies in sessions, and this was no exception.

Fancy is deaf, which makes for interesting prompting. I couldn't imagine a more loving, perfect owner for this pup than Cammy! Aside from working at an animal hospital for several years, she always has Fancy's best interest at heart.

We met at La Chua Trail for the session, and her dog brother joined in on the fun as well. We played with bubbles, walked a bit, and admired an owl family high up in the treetops. (WARNING: We later realized pets were not allowed in the park, so I would not recommend bringing your pups there!)

Happy 8th birthday, Fancy!

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