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Baby Adeline is here! Fresh 48 Session

It's been awhile since my last Fresh 48 session, so I was excited to be back at the hospital once I got the word from Ariel. My ties with the Lisk family trace back to about 2011, when Chris joined the MBA Program. Ariel was one of those super cool spouses that showed up to events and the staff just immediately clicked with her. Even though they moved to Virginia shortly after their first was born, I'd see randomly see them at Mi Apa when they'd come to town to visit the grandparents!

Chris & Ariel have two handsome boys that couldn't possibly be any more excited to welcome a baby sister to the family. I could hardly get over their reactions to seeing her for the first time! They were so interested in seeing her, begged to hold her, and kept on exclaiming how beautiful she was. This sweet girl is so fortunate to have such fierce & loving protectors!

Adeline Elizabeth Lisk, welcome to the world!

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