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Awaiting Baby Garrison

I couldn't be more thrilled for Jessica & Joshua as they await the birth of their son. We met on her parent's property (which is where they wed!) for some maternity portraits, and it happened to be one of the chilliest evenings of the year! They couldn't have been more chill (see what I did there?) about the situation, wearing a jacket in between shots.

They both warned me in advance about their son Jasper's usual tendency to avoid the camera, and I heeded their warning. Boy, did he make a liar out of them! This boy hammed it up for me, made silly faces, danced around, and took some convincing to allow just mom & dad in some portraits alone! I'm so psyched to watch this sweet boy become a big brother.

Awesome tidbit: Joshua sneakily went shopping for Jessica shortly before Christmas, braving Motherhood Maternity all on his own. He proudly told me how he hand-picked the pink lacy dress you see her wearing below, and he couldn't have done a better job. Two claps for thoughtful hubbies! (Speaking of thoughtful family members- get a load of that chalkboard sign, designed by Jessica's niece!).

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