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Avery's 6-month Session

It's no secret that some of my favorite sessions take place inside client's homes. There's just something about using the natural light, scouting the perfect spots inside the home, & incorporating sentimental toys or items!

When Jen and I were planning Avery's session, she was totally on board with a milk bath. We opted for fruit and flowers, and I was thrilled when Fresh Market had peonies for sale. Jen handled the fruit, and handled it she did! Avery LOVED splashing around in the warm water, and enjoyed playing with the fruit and flowers as well.

I love that we also captured her sweetness beforehand in the sweetest lilac outfit we chose, and in her nursery! It's been so neat to watch this sweet girl grow- I met her parents for their pregnancy announcement session and have been around for the fun ever since.

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