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Computer Graphics By Schaum Series Pdf marjail




Download schaum's outline of computer graphics - updated 3rd ed. - Schaums Outline Of Computer Graphics 2E Chapters 1-5 for class 4th edition Video Lectures Category:Computer-related introductions in 2000May 15, 2014 Boys and girl may be playing on the same team, but they still have different rules. Here are some of the differences between boys and girls’ football: • Girls usually play on the less-enclosed side of the field. This is because the goalposts are closer to the field, which makes the game more dangerous. • The game is not as fast as the boys’ version. Because the girls don’t have a fast, agile backfield, the play can move slower, making the team’s passing game much more reliable. • There are no hitting penalties for the girls, but there are for the boys. • The girls play with the same rules as the boys, except that they can’t do certain things. For example, they can’t hit with their hands, so they have to kick the ball with their feet. They can run with the ball at the same speed as the boys, but not for the first 15 yards. • Girls are not allowed to wear cleats. • The boys wear pads all over their bodies, including their hips and back, but the girls wear just a padded collar. • There are no rules for a girl who gets tackled to get up and run again. If she gets up and runs, she can keep running until she is brought down. • There are no penalties for a girl who touches the ball with her hands. • The boys get unlimited time off the field after they score a goal, while girls are limited to half the time they have. • There is no throwing in girls’ football. • A girl’s team must have at least three players to have a game. • A girl’s team cannot beat a boys’ team by more than seven points. • Girls don’t have to wear pads during practice, but they do if they want to play in a game. • Girls’ teams have five practices a week and 30 hours of practice a week. • There are more scouts at the girls’ games than the boys’.




Computer Graphics By Schaum Series Pdf marjail

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