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Grant & Samantha: C Bar Ranch Engagement Session

Ya'll. You know those couples that are beyond sweet together? That's Grant & Sam. I've been communicating with Sam via phone & email since April (since they now live in the midwest), and it was so great to finally meet her (& her beau) in person! Their wedding is at the lovely C Bar Ranch next spring, so we thought it was fitting to do their engagement session there while they were in Florida for Thanksgiving. I absolutely loved the outfits Sam chose for their session, and I'm already so excited to see her bridal gown!

It's always fun hearing about the wedding planning process while the couple is in the throes of it. I'm super duper excited to be part of the vendor team they have selected, & I know their day will go off without a hitch. Since they live out of state, it was actually Grant's first time seeing the venue in person which was kind of cool because he was in total awe of the place.

My favorite part of our time together was learning the beginning of their love story; they met on a dock! It was a serendipitous meeting for sure, as neither was really "dressed to impress" and it was so dark they explained their first date felt kind of like a blind date. Fortunately these two were pleased with what they found in adequate light, yet their solid connection can likely be attributed to the hours of quality conversation on the dock that one evening in Tampa. Guys, I'm so excited to play just a tiny part in your love story!

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